How to promote your Etsy shop

How do you promote your Etsy shop?  – Yes this question is the one on every sellers lips AND you’ve come to the right place for some answers.

Flamingo Cushion | Jane's Apple

Source: Sian

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The first steps to successfully presenting your Etsy shop to the world is to take a long hard critical look to your shop itself work out how to make your shop more visually appealing to buyers.

Here is the outline of my evolving plan of action for Etsy.

  • Becoming part of the Etsy community, network and make connections with other Etsians.
  • Read up on the Etsy blog and other resources.
  • Use the list below to make an impact online.
  • Marketing my Etsy store outside of Etsy (Facebook, Google+in the real world)
  • Tweeking my Etsy store to make it more visiually appealing and improving my listings including photo’s and descriptions.  Set a schedule for regularly listing new items.

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Green Blue Polymer Bead Necklace

Source: Sian

How to promote your Etsy shop.

  1. Show something bold and new in store.
  2. Develop a unique personality for your shop
  3. Let customers get to know you through your ‘about’ pages
  4. participate in social media
  5. purchase advertising on Etsy (or other proven sites online)
  6. List often
  7. Best persistent – the then be more persistent
  8. Get features outside of Etsy.
  9. Offer samples
  10. Find blogs (like Jane’s Apple) that cater to your customers and get featured.
  11. Offer specials, sales, & coupon codes
  12. Put in the time to keep everything about your online business fresh and evolving.
  13. Have lots of inventory – at least 40 listings.
  14. Offline promotion is critical too
  15. List only items that you love.  If it doesn’t look quite right, don’t list it.
  16. Grow your product line.
  17. Get pricing just right.
  18. List great photos
  19. Offer a giveaway.
  20. Keep you own blog.
Vintage Retro Mitten Sock Puppet Art Print

Vintage Retro Mitten Sock Puppet Art Print

Etsy Teams

Etsy teams are a social feature of Etsy that facilitates communication between sellers.  The most common use for teams is to share new listings with fellow sellers.   A huge plus is that shoppers can browse Teams to find shops that interest them.

I think becoming part of the Etsy community, aside from leading to more sales (maybe), is going to make the experience of selling on Etsy far more enjoyable.

If you’ve got any advice, tips, trick or other keys to success with how to market Etsy you can share with me and other readers of Jane’s Apple I would love to hear from you.

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4 Hour Flash Sale


Tonight for 4 hours only

Flash Sale | Jane's Apple

I’ve switched over all of my designs in the shop to be instant downloads! This means you can purchase the digital download and immediately have access to the file, in both a high resolution (300 dpi) .JPG and .PDF, to print at home instantly! The image file format can be scaled to many sizes, to fit a variety of frames, without loss of quality. Perfect for printing at home or through a professional printing studio.

Flash Sale | Jane's Apple

With savings this big, now is the time to turn your favourite Jane’ s Apple Art pieces into high-quality prints that you can frame for yourself or give to loved ones.

Once your purchased your print you can print it as many as you want, and you’ll have access to your purchased download files through your Jane’s Apple Shop Account (in case you need to download it again). Print the designs for wall art,  or use them in a invitation or other customized design!

You can find more information about the Jane’s Apple new store here

Jane's Apple Flash Sale

Easter Card Freebie

Happy Easter!  I hope you, your family and friends will love this cute as pie Easter Bunny.  It’s loaded with special Easter wishes from me to you.

Happy Easter | Jane's Apple


The image above is for sharing to your heart content on all your social media. Go ahead and share some Easter good will.  Below you’ll find the link to the printable Printable Easter Card Freebie.

Shades of pink and whimsical easter bunny cuteness inspired today’s fabulous freebie. This printable Easter Card Freebie features a baby rabbit hand draw by myself.  Perfect for writing a note for those special someones for Easter. This card is easy to make, all you have to do is follow the directions below!

1. Download the pdf file  (just click the links or images above).
2. Print on white card stock.

Want more? This design is a part of Jane’s Apple Free Printables and other goodies

30 Days to More Creativity

Creativity is fluid and sometime elusive. How much creativity you start with is part genetics and part environment but how much you end up with is completely up to you. As I understand it, creativity is like a muscle. Not used our creative muscle withers away nurtured and exercised our creativity blooms and expands.

Here are 30 ways (or 30 days) to nurture and grow your own creativity.

Creativity | Jane' sApple

Please feel welcome to share this image.

The Little Piper

Megan of The Little Piper has designed a large and deliciously memorable range of greeting cards and other wonderful paper goodies that are chocked full of style and wit.  The Little Piper is a new sponsor at Jane’s Apple.

Tell us more about you and your online store The Little Piper?

The Little Piper was first dreamt up in 2010. I started out selling screen printed plush toys and vinyl stickers. In 2012 I closed my shop so I could focus on being a first time mum. Now that my son is older and I have a little more free time, I have recently opened up shop again with my focus being on providing greeting cards of a particular nature to the world.

I love to create quirky pieces for the home and special keepsakes for all occasions. I am inspired by the idea of offering a keepsake to someone special in your life, to keep long after the special moment has passed, there still have something to hold as they reminisce and that is a very special gift. While most cards may end up in scrap books, some of my cards are designed to be used as mini prints, so they could be framed to see all year around.

What are you passionate about besides The Little Piper?

When I am not creating for The Little Piper, I enjoy my days building pillow forts and doing creative projects with my son. I love seeing him discover the world, and he takes me on all kind of adventures.
My partner and I are happy snappers; and love taking photos of everything. We love dressing up too for Anime Conventions and just for the hell of it too.
In recent years, I have started to travel more and love it. I love discovering a new part of the world and seeing how different, or in some cased the same, some things are.

When do you feel the most creative?

I feel creative most of the time. My head is always buzzing, and I am constantly seeing new things in everyday life, that give me more ideas. I heard a saying that describes it best “Having a creative mind, is like having a million tabs open in your browser at once”.  But when I am sitting at my desk with the music going, I can get lost in creating something and that is when the magic happens!

You are the reason | The Little Piper

You are the reason | The Little Piper

What approach do you take to your art?  When you start a new project do you have a clear picture in your mind of your finished piece or is your process different?

Most of the time I have the finished art work in my mind. I always start with a sketch and then draw it up on the computer. The original idea can change a little as the art work is developed, but I work with a defined style and that keeps me on track most of the time.

Bonjour Paris Poster | The Little Piper

Bonjour Paris Poster | The Little Piper

The designs in your store The Little Piper definitely have delightful humour and a distinct look. How would you describe your style?

My cards certainly aren’t the traditional kind of greeting card. They are quirky and playful with a little edge.

You are my favourite muggle | The Little Piper

You are my favourite muggle | The Little Piper

What advice do you have to share with other budding creative entrepreneurs?

You can never know too much about promoting on social media and SEO stuff. But above all do what you are passionate about and try and try again. There will be a lot of hurdles and trial and error before you get where you want to be.

Megan’s creative nature is endearing and infectious.  She certainly puts all that creativity to good use!  It’s a pleasure to have The Little Piper on the blog.

The Little Piper

The Little Piper

You can find The Little Piper here: