How to promote your Etsy shop

This article was first posted in July 2013 and has been recently revised and updated

How to promote your Etsy shop - Yes this question is the one on every sellers lips!  My challenge is to learn how to successfully promote my Etsy shop.  Are you on Etsy?  I’ve been a member on Etsy for years and have had my own Etsy store for a couple of months now.

Vintage Caravan Art Print from Original illustration

Vintage Caravan Art Print from Original illustration

The first steps to successfully promoting your Etsy shop is to take a long hard critical look to your shop itself work out how to make your shop more appealing to buyers and then look at ways to get the word out to the limitless potential customers online that you’ve got something wonderful worth taking a look at.

Here is the outline of my evolving plan of action for Etsy.

  • Becoming part of the Etsy community, network and make connections with other Etsians.
  • Read up on the Etsy blog and other resources.
  • Use the list below to make an impact online.
  • Marketing my Etsy store outside of Etsy (Facebook, Google+, in the real world)
  • Tweeking my Etsy store to make it more visiually appealing and improving my listings including photo’s and descriptions.  Set a schedule for regularly listing new items.
Forever Friends Art Print | Jane's Apple

Forever Friends Art Print | Jane’s Apple

How to promote your Etsy shop.

  1. Show something bold and new in store.
  2. Develop a unique personality for your shop
  3. Let customers get to know you through your ‘about’ pages
  4. participate in social media
  5. purchase advertising on Etsy (or other proven sites online)
  6. List often
  7. Best persistent – the then be more persistent
  8. Get features outside of Etsy.
  9. Offer samples
  10. Find blogs (like Jane’s Apple) that cater to your customers and get featured.
  11. Offer specials, sales, & coupon codes
  12. Put in the time to keep everything about your online business fresh and evolving.
  13. Have lots of inventory – at least 40 listings.
  14. Offline promotion is critical too
  15. List only items that you love.  If it doesn’t look quite right, don’t list it.
  16. Grow your product line.
  17. Get pricing just right.
  18. List great photos
  19. Offer a giveaway.
  20. Keep you own blog.
Vintage Retro Mitten Sock Puppet Art Print

Vintage Retro Mitten Sock Puppet Art Print

Etsy Teams

Etsy teams are a social feature of Etsy that facilitates communication between sellers.  The most common use for teams is to share new listings with fellow sellers.   A huge plus is that shoppers can browse Teams to find shops that interest them.

I think becoming part of the Etsy community, aside from leading to more sales (maybe), is going to make the experience of selling on Etsy far more enjoyable.

If you’ve got any advice, tips, trick or other keys to success with how to market Etsy you can share with me and other readers of Jane’s Apple I would love to hear from you.

Do you want more? : I You can read about my Marketingjourney and about the tips tricks and apps I found helpful here, here and here .

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Feature Interview with BestAutoRenew

It’s always wonderful to welcome new people to the blog and today  I’m publishing one of my favourite types of articles – A Sponsor Feature Article. Israel from has provided this article as introduction.  BestAutoRenew is a service that will help you keep your listings fresh and free up time for your to do the parts of your business that are most enjoyable – like all the making and creating.

Best Auto Renew

Best Auto Renew

Tell us a little about you and your service

I started my career as a software developer 25 years ago. I worked in many telecom companies until my wife started her career as an artist.

She started selling on eBay and then on ETSY, and when her business started to pick up, I left my day job to support her art business.

As an ETSY seller, she needed a tool to automate the item renewal process and that’s how was born.

The service I built is using the ETSY application interface and it allows ETSY sellers to define flexible renewal rules to automate the renew process.Sellers can renew their oldest item, specific items, random items or the items that were already expired. They can set the time window for the renewals, the frequency of renewal and more.


Best Auto Renew | Jane's Apple

Best Auto Renew | Jane’s Apple

What was the triggering event that inspired you?

When I saw that the manual renewals that my wife was doing are helping with her items exposure and consequently with increasing her sales, I decided that it is time to build an automated service for the entire community.

What does your business stand today?

Currently, BestAutoRenew has hundreds of sellers that are using the service on a daily basis. Sellers that sign up, enjoy additional exposure in two other art directories, one of which is is a great place to gain additional exposure to all arts and crafts items of ETSY sellers. Once sellers sign up with their shop items appear in automatically.

In the near future I’m planning to offer additional marketing services.

I’m delighted to have Israel on the blog and wish him and BestAutoRenew every success. I’ve signed up for my Free 7-Day Trial Period and am enjoying having me listings renewed simply and easily.  Give BesAutoRenew  a go and let me what you think.


It’s On The House – Free Cards


Todays free cards use my very own creative fun original drawing with watercolour of Australian style terraced houses as seen inspired by terrace houses seen in Sydney.

There are two free card designs chooses to download:- a moving card (with sample text below) and a standard size greeting card. This freebie is great to let friends know your moving or just as a all occasion greeting card.

Print theses at home, a local printer or uploading to a professional online printer of your choice. You many print as many as you need.

Make sure your printer has color ink before you start, and feel free to share this list with all your friends…they’ll love you for it!

Terrace House Moving House Card | Jane's Apple

Terrace Houses Change of Address Moving Home Postcard | Jane’s Apple

Download Terrace Houses Greeting Card

Download Terrace Houses Change of Address Postcard (blank for you to insert your new address)

Look here for a complete list of free cards and other free stuff available from Jane’s Apple.

2 Quick Tips for Boosting Sales

Setting prices is difficult.   Charge to much and it’s impossible to attract customers, charge to little and customers will wonder what’s wrong with your items and you’ll scare them away.  Pricing handmade items is made even more difficult by the very nature of your items:- They are original, made by hand and have an intrinsic value that far surpasses it’s mass produced genetic counterparts.

Part of the Creative Business Toolbox | Jane' s Apple

Part of the Creative Business Toolbox | Jane’ s Apple

You can calculate the ideal price for your items using my price calculator and read more about setting prices here .

Even if you used the price calculator to set your prices there are times when your sales are going to need a boost.  Here’s Here’s 2 Quick Tips for Boosting Sales:



The word FREE catches our attention and makes buying a lot more fun and satisfying.  By offering buy one get one free, you’re catch the attention of buyers to your store.

I know I’ve been disappointed many times online when I’ve spotted something I love at a good price only to change my mind when I’m hit with the shipping costs.   The price you see is the price you pay mentality  can really influence shoppers so try offering limited time free shipping.

Make sure that your priced your item wisely so that you’re not going to be out of pocket but do ensure your customer is getting a good saving.

And OK,  you’ve lost profit by giving away your items but what you’ve gained is a new follower, a new potential repeat customer, a new ambassador for your brand.  Those gains can potentially be worth far more than what you give free to gain them.

2) Increase value for the same price

We all like to get the most value for the dollar we spend.  Would you prefer to by a pair on $2 earphones that are worth exactly what you paid or a $10 pair of earphones that are quality made and offer superior sound quality?  Instead of offering a discount on an item offer your customers more value at the same price.  Try these ideas:

  • Offer 30% more free  instead of 30% off
  • Offer more of an item (eg, larger, bigger, heavier) for the same price.
  • Offer custom made and/or personalisation of designs at the same price.
  • Offer items made with superior materials for the same price.

Be clear about what you are offering and how your customers are benefiting by putting an amount value on your offer.

Important note: These 2 Tips for Boosting Sales are doomed to fail if nobody knows about them. Work hard to get the word out to your customer base, social media followers, etc.  When you create you sale initiative make sure you put thought into how you’ll market your promotion.

Have you had success with a pricing or sales strategy?  Care to share?

Should You Write A Blog?

I first wrote about this topic in April last year.  I’ve had lots of questions from readers recently asking “Should I write a blog? so I’ve revamped this article to help you make your own decision.

Should I Write a Blog | Jane's Apple

Should I Write a Blog | Jane’s Apple

Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog as an extension of your creative business or you’d just like an online avenue to express yourself these 5 reasons can help you decide to create a blog or not:-

1) Do you like Helping People and Sharing Experiences?

Your life may have been touched by diversity, discrimination, difficulty, illness or tragedy and you want to help others get through the very same thing. Sharing a message of hope for those travelling down the same difficult road is a positive way you can help yourself while helping others.  This is a very popular motivation for blogging.  For example, there are countless blogs written by cancer suffers and survivors. Don’t let the fact that there may be many blogs out there with the same focus put you off but do seek out  these similar blogs and determine what gaps in knowledge or support for your particular focus you may be able to fill to make your blog stand out.

You might wish to share an interest or hobby, a personal triumph, a business experience, or a family-related experiences.  Feeling a sense of community, feeling that we are a part of a group of people with common interests and experiences is part of being human and a strong motivator for blog writers.

2) Do You Like to Keep a Diary or Journal?

If you are a diary or journal keeper you might have already realised that you can express yourself much faster through a computer because typing can be quicker and simpler to format and tidy than handwriting. This is not to discount or disrespect the art of pen and paper.

If you are already sharing your daily comings and goings and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter you may feel that blogging is a natural progression that will allow you more freedom of written expression.

Creating a blog means you can document with more than just plain text. With blogging you will have the option of add images, rich media like video, as well as more flexibility to communicate and get feedback from readers.   You also have the option of deciding who reads your blog.  You may wish to have your blog remain private and only be viewable to yourself (or a select few individuals) or send it out to share with the world.

If you can relate to this then blogging just might be the thing for you.

3) Do You Have a Knack for Technology?

You’re drawn to computer technology and enjoy pottering around online, learning about new developments in web design and even trying it out yourself.  Blogging systems intrigues you.  Blogs as an indicator, a tool for and a reflection of changing culture is fascinating to you.

If you’re energised by experimenting with ever-increasing complex-yet-simple pieces of software, a blog might be a good thing to check out!

4) Would you like to Educate and Share your Expertise?

Blogs are essentially a vehicle for communication and the sharing of knowledge and experience.  It is no surprise that school teachers use class blogs to extend their students learning.  Writing a blog is an exciting and interesting way to educate others and as an added incentive educating others often helps us build our own knowledge.

Imagine being able to educate thousands of people with your knowledge, skills and experience. A blog is a vehicle to create discourse and get feedback and input of any topic of interest to you.

Similarly to helping and sharing with others, if your motivation is to educate – creating a blog is a great option!

5) Will creating a Blog Help Your Business?

While in many cases monetary gains come second to the main purpose for blogging there can be multiple benefits for creating a blog as a support or addition to an online creative business:

  • Blog to support and publicise  your brand?

    If you have any type of presence online (even if it’s only a facebook account) you have a brand!  You can manage your brand no matter what it might be using a blog as a tool.  You might use your blog to develop your personal brand or your on or offline enterprises, groups or interests.

    You can communicate through a blog in a way that is not truly possible with any other online technology. A blog is a way to show who you really are. With a blog you can present yourself to the world through your thoughts, ideas, and rich media. You can help your audience get to know you. If you want to build a following for your creative business you’ll want your customers to be able to relate to you.

  • Do You Want to Make Money with Your Blog?

    The potential to make money is a strong draw card for blogging. If you’re only drawn to blogging as a way of making money chances are you give up disappointed.   Making money with blogging is not easy.  Just like anything worth doing hard work and commitment is required but if you want to create a blog to make money it can be done. You’ll need to be able to dedicate several hours per day, 7 days per week to your blog and be prepared to persist for two or three years before seeing significant readership numbers and financial rewards.  In truth there are very few blogs that can claim overnight success most have been around many years before people really start to take notice.

  • Do You Want to Promote Something?

    Perhaps you’re interested in promoting your creative business,  a product, an interest group, or a dream. A blog, carefully managed, can help you build interest for nearly anything.  You can keep your readers/customers up to date, offer incentives such as free stuff or discounts, offer tutorials related to your topic or business focus, be connected with people who are interested and so much more.  Done well and with consistency blogging is a excellent promotional tool. Blogging can lead to greater online sales.

5 Reasons to Start a Blog | Jane's Apple

5 Reasons to Start a Blog | Jane’s Apple

I’d love to hear about your own reasons for blogging or the reasons you think you might start a blog.  What’s your story? Do you blog?  Would you like to blog?