Blog Statistics Revealed

I’ve talked a lot about statistics recently in Analytics and Statistics Explained and  Are Your Spreading Yourself Too Thin With Social Media .  As a follow up I wanted to give you an idea of what my blog statistics revealed about the major sources of traffic here on the blog and let you know which social media I’m sticking with.

What I’m staying with and why?

I looked at my statistics for the last 6 months.  I receive the most visitors from what’s called “organic”  traffic.  Organic traffic is traffic that is ‘free’ and comes through search engines, from someone following a link on another site or in an email or someone typing in the blog URL directly into the address bar. This is a good thing! After organic traffic Stumble Upon is a significant source of traffic.  Interestingly, even though I have more followers and therefore more reach on Twitter I receive more traffic from my Facebook Page.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I receive visitors from Reddit.

I made an info graphic to show the breakdown of external site traffic sources.

Traffic Sources

Incidentally, I always submit my new listings on Etsy to Stumble Upon and I get more traffic from Stumble Upon than Facebook or Twitter to my Etsy shop.

What is surprising is where traffic isn’t coming from and this has influenced my decisions about which social media and other sites to focus on and which to ditch.  Obviously I’m going to stick with the five represented in the graph above with the addition of Pinterest and Etsy

Pinterest and Etsy (via Etsy Teams) were both sources of moderate amounts of traffic that placed after the top 5 in the statistics.  Looking down my list of traffic sources anything after that was sending insignificant numbers of visitors.

So I’m discontinuing with:

Scoop ItHandmadePearltrees,  MeylahdeviantART,  Digg,  Foursquare,  Networked Blogs,  EzebeecraftoriShopifyPaper.LiFishindieIndiecraftYuubyIdeas TapSquareShowcasing Women,  FarkBlogkeen, Blogher, YolaTaggify,  SiteWitFlavors.meAction MethodCarbonmade,  Bloglines43 thingsMoJo MarketlaceSociety6PreziYoastIFTTT, BIzSugarHandmadeologyZazzlebuzzfeed mentionmapflickrfriendfeed,  myspace orkut.

Phew!  I feel a bit like a weight has been lifted.

As well as the sites that are bringing me the most visitors I do have a handful of sites that I’m going to stick with for the time being because I’m intrigued with them and I think they have potential as being sites that I can get some enjoyment out of using and perhaps make connections on.


I’ve recently discovered Amazine.  I love the clean look of the site and already I’ve followed some amazing blogs and others sites that have some really fascinating content much of it related to my interests and what this blog is about.


I use sporadically at the moment but I’ve read a couple of blog posts in which bloggers claim they receive a significant amount of visitors from Instagram

Project Eve

I like what Project Eve is about and they have some great articles.  I’ve also submitted a couple of articles which they have published and that’s a great buzz for me.   Bascially Project Eve is about women supporting, connecting and mentoring each other in their business ventures.


Wanelo is a site where you can post items that you for sale on other sites like Etsy.  I’ve had 4 visitors from Wanelo to my Etsy shop – not great – but it’s free and easy so for now I’ll keep it.


I don’t get any traffic from Tumblr, well, maybe 1 on 2 visitors here and there, but I’m undecided because I think there might be potential there so I’m going to hang on to it for a while.


I’ve been neglecting my MadeIt shop because compared to Etsy, MadeIt is a small fish but I love that MadeIt is a place where Australian sellers can sell and I’d love to see this site blossom into something great.  I’m staying to show my support.


I think it’s an easy, simpler way of keeping up to date with what’s happening on the blog is to just subscribe. But some people do prefer using an external site.  Please feel welcome to follow the blog on Bloglovin.

Where you can find me

The best place to find me is right here.  Subscribe to the blog simply by typing in your email address into the box in the right sidebar. Connect with me and other readers by leaving and responding to comments.

Social Media sites:


Google+  Join Jane’s Apple community  here . This community is for sharing everything related to Art and Craft!


Twitter – I created a widget on Twitter today :)

Are you surprised at my statistics or is it as you would expect?  What do your blog and/or shop statistics reveal?  Please feel very welcome to connect with me on the sites that you enjoy the most.


  • LeAnn Larson Frobom

    Very interesting. I think you are very wise in “weeding out” the sites that are not sending you traffic, while keeping ones with a proven track record or great potential. I was surprised that Stumble was #1 by such a large margin.

  • 2justByou

    You might want to stick with networkedblogs, because it’s mainly a facebook thing. Some of your facebook traffic might be coming from networkedblogs by way of fb. Something think about. I’m not surprised at all by StumbleUpon being #1. Just a few months ago, I started noticing that our Etsy shop was getting views from SU. And it’s been consistently in our Top 10 traffic sources since then. I try to stumble things myself, but I often forget!
    As for my blog, I haven’t checked out the traffic sources in quite awhile (I think it’s been over a year!), so you’ve just reminded me to do that. Thank you.
    Reddit…I’ve heard a lot about that, but I’ve never looked into it. Can you believe that? Now that I see it’s in your Top 5, maybe I should? I just joined Instagram, so if you join, let me know & I’ll be a follower. =0)
    Great post, Sian! Thanks for all the info.

    • 2justByou

      Shoot…I just clicked on your linkies…You’re already on Instagram. I thought I had read you were unsure. Well, I’m following there & your tumblr and wanelo.

    • Sian

      Thanks for the advice. I’ll look back into network blogs. To be honest I’d signed up and forgotten about it. Thank you warmly for the follows. So far on Instragram I’ve put up the odd photo of my kids :) I haven’t started really thinking of how I can harness it as a way to bring visitors to the blog or my shop. Wow, your Wanelo is going so well!

  • Sheryl Hastings

    Great information! I think it’s time for me to see where my traffic comes from so I can focus my energies where they are most needed.

    • Sian

      Thanks Sheryl. There are lots of distractions online! It’s a helpful exercise to work out what is working for you and what isn’t.

  • Sassmuffins

    I am definitely surprised by Stumble. But then, statistics sadly are something I need to do a much better job of working on. I am certain I could stand much improvement with that facet of my business. Thanks for a great article!

  • Daphne Lewis

    Interesting stats! I was not even familiar with Stumble Upon but am going to check it out now. Bookmarking this for future reference.