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Dolls In Trees

Australian artist Emma Hampton is the creator behind Dolls in Trees.  I asked Emma a few questions so we can all get to know her a little better – she is a very inspiring Etsy store holder and has an obvious abundance of artistic talent.  It’s really wonderful to have her here on the blog!

Don't Change - Masked Fawn Girl | Dolls In Trees

Don’t Change – Masked Fawn Girl | Dolls In Trees

How would you describe your style of art and how has this evolved?

I’m often told my work is creepy cute, I think it has always had an element of that to it. I have a huge love of old illustrations, etching and aged children’s fairy tales. I love superstition and folk lore and dark and foreboding tales. This has lead me to create work that not necessarily retells these tales as such but tries to capture the essence or feeling they instil in the reader/viewer.

Miss Peppermint Tea Lady | Dolls In Trees

Miss Peppermint Tea Lady | Dolls In Trees

What is your background and what lead you to the inception of Dolls in Trees and selling your art online?

I have always loved creating since I was little and have tried my hand at many forms of art and craft. Many years ago now, I completed a degree in Visual Arts at the Australian National University majoring in printmaking and drawing and later studied Graphic Design as a post graduate. After finishing my studies I travelled to the UK where I lived for 3 years and met my husband. Whilst in the UK I dabbled in market stalls selling little handmade bits and pieces and eventually opened my Etsy shop, it was not entirely successful early on but it was a hobby that I enjoyed.

The name Dolls in Trees really comes from a drawing I did probably more than 10 years ago of little dolls hanging in a tree. Its something that really stuck with me over the years and when creating my business name it just seemed the right choice to describe my creations.

On moving back to Melbourne in 2010 I started creating designs for my little wooden brooch lasses and creating greeting cards from some of my artworks. After a very long creative block I have finally gotten back on the right track and am very happy to have found inspiration flowing again.

I really enjoy selling my work online, the online community is always so incredibly supportive and encouraging. I have found it has been very useful selling online simply for the vast array of customers you can reach and interact with.

Surrender - Masked Fox Girl | Dolls In Trees

Surrender – Masked Fox Girl | Dolls In Trees

What are your hopes and plans for Dolls in Trees in the future?

I’m very much hoping my creative block stays well away and I can continue to grow and create more for Dolls in Trees, many more artworks and new little accessories too. I’m also hoping to start visiting local art markets around Melbourne again as I do really love to meet my customers in person.

Don't Change - Masked Fawn Girl | Dolls In Trees

Don’t Change – Masked Fawn Girl | Dolls In Trees

What advice would you give to someone considering setting up a store to sell their artwork online?

Selling online is something every artist or crafter should consider. As I said earlier it is a fantastic way of reaching a much larger audience from all around the world.

For me, I think the key to selling online is a combination of maintaining good web presence and great product photography.  Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are all great ways of sharing your artwork with many people and attracting interest to your online stores. I currently sell my items on Etsy and and find both are very good for sales and the community aspect.

Photography is definitely key when selling online, it is important to provide a clear, uncluttered and well lit photos as it will not only attract your customers but give them an accurate idea of the product they are hoping to purchase.

Little Fawn Face | Dolls in Trees    Warm Love | Dolls in Trees

Little Fawn Face | Dolls In Trees                                          Warm Love | Dolls In Trees                                          

Emma’s work is so unique.  I love “Warm Love” .  Keep your eye on Emma because it’s very clear her star is set to rise.

Definitely check out Emma’s store – Dolls In Trees, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook!


  • Sheryl

    Love the girls! What a great talent. Thanks for sharing this artist with us!


    So much personality in these!

  • splendidlittlestars

    Emma is a talented artist!

  • Karen Hayes

    Love Emma’s goth/cute style. Her art stirs feelings of attraction and fear of what lurks inside. Thank you for sharing this.