As the copyright holder, Jane’s Apple own exclusive rights over our work as per the Australian Copyright Act.  Those rights include the right to make copies, distribute, publicly display, and make derivatives of our work.

The JA Easy License comes free with all purchases from giving you permission to use our work for various purposes and quantities.

Jane’s Apple offers 2 types of licenses.  The first is our JA Easy License.  It comes free with the purchase of any of our downloads and is primarily aimed at individuals wanting art for home decorating,  small websites, to use in arts and crafts or to print onto gifts, etc.  Find more info here.

The second is JA Production License and is necessary if you intend to print items for resale in run of more than 50 at a time and allows you to print up to 500 total pieces over time.  This license is for individuals and businesses that intend to use an image purchased at primarily for business and profit.  More information can be found here.

The word “license” means the “freedom to do something.”

To inquire about licensing art to use of more than 500 total printed pieces or other large scale intentions please contact us