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Petals Design

Today’s 5 Quick Questions guest is Petals Design.   Yulia, the artist of Petals Design creates truly beautiful handmade contemporary jewellery.

1. Name your style in three words  Contemporary, Original, Fun.

Red Floating Necklace | Petal Designs

Red Floating Necklace | Petals Design

2. What’s your biggest art and craft inspiration or influence? I love contemporary design and architecture. I also love looking at images of artefacts and costumes from ancient cultures, anything that one may call “ethnic” I find utterly fascinating. Colours, shapes and balance between them – that’s my inspiration.

3. Aside from your own store who is your favourite Etsy seller?   StudioLeanne .  A job well done all around.

Petal Designs

Pearls, Leather and Wood Necklace | Petals Design

4. Share your funniest crafting disaster?  Happens every other day – bead spillage all over my desk, keyboard, carpets… and I’m lucky if there was only one colour on the project’s tray! =)

5. Share your number one tip for selling handmade online?   Good photos!
I don’t think anything is more important when Etsying.

  • Victoria

    Beautiful Store! Definitely one to watch!

  • Acting Unplugged

    My wife would love the first one but in purple. That is her favorite color.

  • Kim @ justByou

    I am loving that Pearls, Leather and Wood necklace! =0)
    Great feature shop.
    Are you on bloglovin or networkedblogs? I’d love to follow you.

    • Sian

      Hi Kim. Yes I am on bloglovin (thank you for asking). The link to follow is amongst the social media icons on the right sidebar of the blog.