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Simply Type

Brianna from Simply Type has joined us today.  Simply Type creates unique timber typography signs.

What is your background and what lead you to the inception of Simply Type and selling online?

OK, my background is pretty boring!! I have always been in a office job but never totally enjoyed working for someone else… Maybe that’s the rebellion in me! A thought in the back of my mind was that there had to be something else for me…. But I just never took the time to realise what it was I wanted. After meeting & marrying my very supportive husband and having my first bubba I dabbled in lots of different craft.. Since Miss E was a terrible sleeper (I know, poor me!) I found that craft really gave me a purpose and I just felt so darn good finishing something! I have tried it all though! Selling fabric covered button hairties/ clips/ headbands (which is handy now since I have 2 girls!!), trying to learn how to sew bibs (umm, not very successful!), learning to make nappy cakes but nothing was a passion or was making me any money! So I was back to square one…Then the desire for something more hit me! We moved into a new house and I was looking into typography vintage art in stores and it was so expensive.. And the quotes.. YUCK!l I didn’t like any of the quotes as they didn’t resonate with me. I love to be different! I started making timber signs for my house (My savior Pinterest!) and thought that other people would have to be like me (of course, I’m awesome! ha..) and have gorgeous unique personalized timber signs.. So I started Simply Type… I have also completed a few courses to give me a good kick up the bum to try and start the business in the right way….

Always Be a Little Kinder Than Necessary

Always Be a Little Kinder Than Necessary | Simply Type

Tell us a bit about items that you stock

Simply Type creates beautiful personalised timber signs… With a vintage edge… I also have a range of pre-designed signs that are available to purchase. There are a standard range of Baby Birth Details & Baby Name timber signs, Wedding Signs, Engagement Signs, Quote Signs and Jumbo Scrabble Tiles. Most of the signs are custom made for the client and I love hearing everyone’s beautiful quotes from weddings or special moments and create that long lasting memory!

What are your hopes and plans for Simply Type in the future

So many hopes & dreams for the future!  Currently I am doing another course to help me in starting my own website that clients can buy directly from.. Learn, learn & more learning!   Eventually I would like to expand the business with a few new ranges… But that is WAY in the future… I have too many ideas in my head… I have to put the brake on sometimes as I tend to get a little carried away!   So short term goal would be to shout from the roof tops ‘Simply Type is awesome!’ and for sales to come flooding in so I can then get my website up and happening…   Long term is to add more products to my line and have a nice cash flow so I don’t have to go back to my ‘boring’ office job…

Simply Type

What challenges have you faced running and setting up your online store?

My main challenge is time… With a 3 year old and a 8 month old it is hard to allocate time throughout the day to dedicate to the business… At the start Miss J was little and was a lot easier as she slept most of the day (as was my 3 year old but now she is turning into a tantrum throwing monster!)  but now she is growing up into a cheeky crawler its getting more and more difficult. But I set myself a daily ‘to do’ list’s and sometimes just need to think “today is a mummy day” and know that I might not get any work completed.  With Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy & Madeit it’s really hard to update it all plus actually create signs! I’m a bit of a solutions girl… There is a solution for everything! OK, maybe not.. But if you have a solution for a bubba who just won’t sleep, let me know!

Simply Type on Etsy

What advice would you give to someone setting up their own handmade store online?
Advice?!?! Hmm… Learn as much as you can! Courses have been invaluable and helped define what my business is and what I want my business to be in the future. It’s not a sprint… It’s a marathon.. Ha.. Corny! Maybe I’ll put that quote on a sign… And of course.. Be passionate..

So the courses I have completed have been:

  • Dream, Launch, Love by Reverie Coaching – great kick starter to help me to see if I really wanted to start my own business…
  • Facebook Marketing Course by GC Web which has been so helpful for shortcuts on Facebook.. I thought I knew my way around Facebook but this course has really opened my eyes…

And I have just started a course call ‘Set up Shop’ by Jess at Create & Thrive. So I will have to give you the low down on that one when I have finished it!!

These courses challenge you and really make you think about your vision and to help give you the confidence to achieve your dream!

Simply Type

The depth and diversity of creative talent in the arts and crafts community is amazing!  I admire Brianna for her commitment to her online business.   It’s inspiring to read about someone who is activity educating herself in order to build success. 

My favourite of  sign from Simply Type is “Always be a little kinder than necessary” . I love the sign and the sentiment.

You can find more of Brianna and Simply Type here:

  • Marieken

    I love that first quote. The world would be a better place if more people lived by that rule.

  • Sian

    Kindness and a generous heart – doesn’t seem like too much to ask of oneself

  • Kim @ justByou

    I love typography! This is a great feature.